09 September 2009

Toddler, Barda Hills

ToddlerThis little guy was happy with his handfuls of dirt — then his mum sat him down and posed him for the camera. In Gujarat's Barda Hills, early 2007.
All content © 2009 Pete McGregor


the watercats said...

Funny how human kids are universally alike!.. love the colours in this picture, really nice!

Barbara said...

Those eyes! I think of John Lennon's song "Beautiful Boy" ... I think I'm sharing in the universal 'mom response' in wanting to just pick him up and hug him;)

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Watercats :^) It's one of the great things about travelling — realising we're all part of the same family despite being so diverse.

Barbara, so many of the kids had those remarkable eyes — utterly striking. And I'm not surprised at all by your "universal mum" response :^)

butuki said...

I love the juxtaposition of the hands and feet beside the boy. And the unifying red. All of it serves to bring out the child's eyes and the expression of his lips. Lovely.

I'm just worried about the kid's future... all that hair on his forehead can't bode well for him unless he's looking for a job as Wolfman Jack!

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Miguel. Surely the extensive hair will retreat as he grows? Maybe I'll have to go back there and see how he's getting on — not that I need an excuse for returning :^)