06 September 2009

At the opium ceremony

Bishnoi manThe last stop on a half-day visit to the desert near Jodhpur was for an opium ceremony. This was our host. Given the dilution of the opium, I was less concerned about it than the water it was diluted in, but as it turned out, neither had any effect. Afterwards we were treated to a simple and delicious meal, which for me was as memorable as the ceremony.

[I published a new post on Pohanginapete a short time ago. Given how it reads, perhaps the effects of the opium were just delayed a couple of years ;^)]
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Zhoen said...

He does look a bit unfocused, I think.

pohanginapete said...

Maybe dealing with a bunch of Israelis and one kiwi would unfocus most people?

I did find it frustrating not to be able to talk with him (and so many others) in his own language.