03 September 2009

Evening at Kausani

Kausani viewFrom Joshimath I caught the bus to Karanprayag, stayed the night there, then travelled by bus to Kausani, famous for its views of the Himalaya. This might not have been the kind of view the tourism posters love, but it did it for me. I did get to see the classic views while I was there, though.
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Zhoen said...

The land is amazing. The chairs put me there. At first they seem a little cheap, but then I realized, they are light. And everything has to be carried UP.

Ely López said...

Perfect or not, that's still a privileged location. Congratulations on your seeing beauty at every spot!

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen, the landscape is beautiful, isn't it? I love places with this sense of altitude.

Ely, thank you :^) Most places have something to offer, even those that first appear grim. I guess part of the trick is just remembering to look.