06 June 2009

A windy day on the Ruahine tops

Windy dayNot even a howling gale on the tops above the Pourangaki catchment could wipe the smile off Simon's face as four of us made the long hike in to Pourangaki hut in March 2008. The blur's not photoshop — it's camera shake from the buffeting and the cold. I kind of like it.
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Emma said...

I love this shot. Reminds me of very old photos of coal miners and the like.

the watercats said...

I love when the camera does stuff that some people call mistakes, This is a cool picture and looks exactly how it must have felt!

jelb said...

Very nice effect, composition..very beautiful teeth...:-)...Bravo!

Zhoen said...

Vibrations. Nearly audible.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Pete,
No need to ask which way the wind is blowing either!

pohanginapete said...

Emma, I can't speak for Simon, but I can say that by the time we got to the hut I felt as if I'd been working hard in the mines all day... ;^)

Watercats, yes, it's one reason I'm wary of deleting photos too soon. (And yes, that's how it felt!)

jelb, we saw plenty of those teeth — he spent a lot of time smiling ;^)

Zhoen, true — trying to hold a conversation in those conditions isn't easy.

Robb, it was pretty consistent, so we could sometimes find a little shelter in a hollow in the tussock or in the lee of the ridge. A relief to eventually start heading downhill, where we soon dropped below the worst of the gale.

Michael said...

I like the shake too. You've captured wind!

pohanginapete said...

Michael — yep, that's right. Some people reckon I'm full of it. ;^)