03 June 2009

Myths and histories

MythologyAotearoa. Myths and histories.
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Anne-Marie said...

"Holy crap!" said the Rabbit. "Look at that giant fantail."

Sorry - that was the first thing that came to my mind. This is an unusual one, Pete. How many photos did you use for this image?

I like it, even though I don't understand it.

Zhoen said...

Reminds me strangely of my own dream last night, walking with Moby in my arms through a sort of indoor animal exhibit.

jelb said...

great idea..well done dreamlike composition..bravo!

the watercats said...

WOW!... I REALLY love this picture! I especially love the trees on the hill. The whole thing is daydream heaven!-)

Emma said...

AHH! (I second Anne-Marie.) Fantastic and fantastical, two of my favorites in one image. I love this!

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Marie, ha! Nicely put ;^) I'd be worried if fantails were really that big. Very worried.
I used three photos: the piwakawaka and rabbit were from Flounder Bay, the background is here in the Pohangina Valley.

Zhoen, I don't remember if I've dreamed this, but if I didn't, I might have.

Jelb, thanks. (For other readers — go and have a good browse through jelb's site. I suggest starting with the pensive kid)

Thanks watercats!

Emma, sometimes it's nice to cut loose and do something strange and out there...:^)