29 April 2009

Weka [2]

Weka, Kapiti IslandThis was the inquisitive weka mentioned in the previous post. Sunday 26 April 2009; Kapiti Island.

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butuki said...

I absolutely love this portrait! I wish I could buy it and put a print of it up on my wall... but my girlfriend took one look at the picture and stated, "No! The eye is scary!"

Guess I'll have to put it up in my study!

But really, I love this photo.

Zhoen said...

"You, um, have some schmutz on your, um, bill, here lemme... "

the watercats said...

I love avian eyeballs!... Staring directly into the soul of a dinosaur.. stunning shot...*gazes

Bill said...


pohanginapete said...

Delighted you like it, Miguel :^) I reckon it's more wild and crazy than scary.

Zhoen, they might be unafraid and inquisitive, but even they consider getting that close, too close.

Watercats, that dinosaur ancestry certainly comes through in some birds. I find it a nice thought: that some, at least, are still with us.

Bill — yep!

Relatively Retiring said...

I see exactly what you mean in your previous response to my comment. This is one scarey chook!