10 April 2009

Autumn: apples and rain

Rain on appleThis is what autumn feels like here in the Pohangina valley. Well, sometimes... right now as I prepare this for posting this evening (when I'll be elsewhere) it's sunny and cloudless. Even the blowflies are becoming active. So should I.

This apple's from an old, gnarled, codlin moth infested tree on the far side of the paddock (if the background were in focus you could see the tree). A small friend left it on the verandah some weeks ago.
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Emma said...

Utterly gorgeous. Autumn is my favorite time of year and it always goes by too quickly.

pohanginapete said...

The light's often spectacular at this time of year, Emma, but I don't relish the reminder of the cold to come.

Michael said...

This one sure does it for me. Lovely light. Again, so foreign to my eyes of limited travel. (I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the though of autumn with grass greening out of the grey winter dust here. A good reminder of how temporary weather is.)

pohanginapete said...

Michael, it's another grey, drizzly day here; very autumn. I'm looking forward to Spring already.