16 March 2009

Sunset on Shorts Track, Ngamoko Range

Sunset, Shorts Track, Ngamoko Range

WIth the weather looking so good and the work having eased, I headed up Shorts Track yesterday afternoon to sleep out on the tops. I nearly froze up there (should've taken the big fluffy down bag instead of the lighter but lean synthetic one). Still, I survived and it was worth it. This is the view from the top of the track near my bivvy spot as the sun eased down behind soft cloud.

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butuki said...

I love sleeping on top of grassy hills! Just haven't had the opportunity around here. But there was one of my favorite places in the world on a hill overlooking Mt. Fuji, and another hill south of Eugene in Oregon, USA, where I would go whenever I just needed to get far away from the madding crowds.

Zhoen said...

Love the color and atmosphere. Kinda wish there was something to focus on, though.

pohanginapete said...

Miguel, it was great being up there, but just too cold for me to enjoy it fully.

Zhoen, the warmth was visual only! Also, I did find it surprisingly hard to frame compositions that worked. Maybe next time I'll take minimal camera gear and a better sleeping bag ;^)