08 March 2009

Shed, No. 1 Line

No. 1 Line shedAt last, a few hours respite before the work begins again.

I'd often thought of photographing the old sheds partway up No. 1 Line, and finally took the camera with me when I biked up there in early November last year.

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Relatively Retiring said...

Lovely textures, especially the grasses in front of it.
Your uncle would have preferred it look a bit more lived in!

butuki said...

Aha! You're back for a moment! And a great picture to go along with your popping by.

I think it works great in black and white, really brings out the texture of the wood slats. For some reason the telephone pole to the left side is part of what makes this image work. Seem to root the whole composition in place. And yet also viscerally connect my reaction to the unseen sky above.

Good luck with your work!


pohanginapete said...

RR, I'm sure he'd have had a marvellous time pottering around fixing it up, getting on top of those long grasses and fitting scavenged windows and the like. :^)

Thanks Miguel. I agree about the telephone pole — a curious element (and one that might easily get negative comments if it ever appeared in a camera club competition (not knocking all club judges though)). Thanks too for the comments on previous posts — I'll work my way through them when the contract work eases. :^)