29 March 2009

Farmer at Urgam, Indian Himalaya

Urgam farmer
He, his wife and his daughter were threshing amaranth by spreading in the courtyard in front of the house and driving two cattle in circles over it. It seemed like a tough way to make a living, but they invited us in for chai. I encountered this kind of hospitality in most areas I visited in India.
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butuki said...

It's strange why no one has commented on this striking photo. Even at thumbnail size it's noticeable. I think it is perfect in BW and really brings out the character of this man. And such a powerful face, too! And someone who seems ready with a smile all the time. Why can't people be like that HERE!!!! Ahhh!

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Miguel. I, too, sometimes wonder why comments seem so thin on the ground for particular photos. Maybe it's partly coincidental — the simultaneous arrival of comment fatigue among the regular commenters? Never mind, I'm lucky to get comments so frequently and I know many non-commenters enjoy the photos, so I'm happy.

Yeah, it's a great smile. We had wonderful hospitality at Urgam, although we were just passing through.