13 March 2009

Old Delhi, rush hour (2)

Rush hour, Old DelhiAnother from the same evening.
All content © 2009 Pete McGregor


Lesley said...

How interesting - at first I couldn't see any women at all in either of these, but I think there is one, or maybe two, heavily veiled, in this second photograph.

Zhoen said...

So grey, as rush hours often are.

butuki said...

I find the comments particularly interesting in the last two pictures. Funny what different kinds of things people will look for in an image, depending on their cultural standpoint.

Personally I find it interesting, Pete, that there are far fewer human faces in your Aotearoa shots than in your Asia shots. Though it's slightly different, I remember a comment my father made about National Geographic, about why, in the 1960's it was okay to show full nudity of "natives" and that wasn't considered scandalous, but if any Western women or men had been shown National Geographic would have been given a mouthful.

pohanginapete said...

Lesley, that's a pretty accurate perception. In many places I visited in India, men were more conspicuous. For example, the shopkeepers were primarily men, regardless of what they were selling. It's a generalisation, of course, but to me, accurate enough to be noticeable.

Zhoen, grey's an apt description of the air. Best not to think about the quality, and what it is you're breathing. (Thanks for using our spelling, too ;^))

Miguel, it's inevitable we'll all filter what we see through our own upbringing. Of course, here the strongest filter is what I've chosen to photograph (although when I say 'chosen', it's largely intuitive and subconscious, not deliberated). The relative scarcity of shots of people in Aotearoa, of course, probably has more to do with the situations in which I'm photographing — where I live, I see only a few people each day. That's unimaginable in a place like India.