08 November 2016


It's just a record photograph, but I like what it records: some of the rabbits have survived. These two were feeding in the front paddock early this morning. Although the telephoto lens has compressed the perspective so the rabbits look similar in size, the closer of the two (on the right) is much larger than the one behind. I'm guessing we have two generations here.

[1/30 sec at f4, ISO 640]

All content © 2016 Pete McGregor


robin andrea said...

A really nice photographic record of their survival. So good to see them looking so well.

Zhoen said...

Textural photo, rabbits and grass. Would make a helluva jigsaw puzzle.

Liz said...

Good to see that rabbit's wonky ear's been fixed. Oh

pohanginapete said...

Robin, it's great to know some survived. How long that remains true is, sadly, doubtful.

Zhoen, the rabbits might be OK, but the grass would be a nightmare.

Liz, unfortunately, I don't think either of these are the wonky-eared one.