13 November 2016

Chai wallah, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi

I'd rushed outside to photograph the early morning Sikh ritual, but I couldn't get a good angle for a photograph. I did notice the chai wallah, though. The chai cost me 10 rupees: an affordable luxury despite my almost complete lack of cash.

I hope the vast queues at the ATMs will subside in the next day or two so I can withdraw cash and be able to enjoy frequent cups of this wonderful drink (which bears almost no resemblance to the 'chai latte' in New Zealand.

In case you're wondering, I'm in India again. My arrival in the wee hours of Saturday morning coincided with the chaos following Prime Minister Modi's sudden announcement that 500 and 100 rupee notes were no longer valid, effective immediately.

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Avus said...

You picked the wrong moment to arrive!

Lisa Emerson said...

Oh my!! I'm glad you got something to sustain you. Welcome to India, eh?

ps, we are all fine, but earthquakes all night have left everyone a little tired and anxious. Ed evacuated but now back home.

pohanginapete said...

Avus, the timing couldn't have been worse :-(

Lisa, I'd love to spend more time with the chai wallahs, but every rupee of cash counts now. I'm beginning to think I might have to fly to Nepal for a few weeks until the chaos in India dies down.
Glad you're all OK. I hate to think what my place would look like if J hadn't packed most of my stuff in boxes so Olive could paint and recarpet. Funny how things work out sometimes.