19 September 2016

Pohangina Valley Pheasant

Pheasants are a not uncommon sight on the roadsides in the valley, but photographing them can be difficult. On Sunday I happened to have the fortunate coincidence of a cooperative driver and a similarly cooperative rooster, and one of the three photographs turned out quite nice.

I love pheasants and never fail to get a thrill of delight when I see one.

[1/400 sec at f4, ISO 250]

All content © 2016 Pete McGregor


Lisa Emerson said...

Such remarkable colours, and I find myself asking (as I often do) what the evolutionary advantages of such colours are.....? A beautifully captured image Pete - I'm glad you had such a cooperative driver and rooster - a winning combination.

pohanginapete said...

Lisa, the colours are all about showing off to females. Sigh... ;-)

Zhoen said...

More dinosaurs. I really think I'd've liked dinosaurs if I'd known they looked more like these sorts of birds.

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen — and were no bigger than pheasants? (The predatory ones, at least — a few brontosauruses stumping around might have been fun.)

Zhoen said...

Naw, I'm happy with the idea of enormous feathered birdosaurs. Extinct ones.

pohanginapete said...

:-D Agreed, Zhoen.

'Birdosaurs' could catch on.