16 April 2016

Young rabbit

When I looked out the kitchen window early this morning, I noticed a small rabbit crouching in the dew-wet grass. I opened the door carefully and managed a series of photographs, during which the little rabbit relaxed and began feeding. I don't recall ever having seen a wild rabbit with this distinctive fold in its ears, but this will make it instantly identifiable should I see it again. Given its proximity to the neighbour's vege garden (that's it in the background), I might not get many more chances to enjoy the sight, though.

[1/20 sec. at f5.6; ISO 400]

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Zhoen said...

"So... wanna race?"

pohanginapete said...

I know who'd win, Zhoen, and it wouldn't be me.

Zhoen said...

No tortoise would stand a chance.

pohanginapete said...