23 April 2016

Deer on the back hill

The deer I'd been watching on the hill behind my place kept visiting. A few more joined the mob, and one morning I looked out to see seven feeding there, with the southern Ruahine brooding behind. I managed a few photographs before the spaniel's incessant barking and whining made them apprehensive and they ran down into the gully and out of sight.

A few days ago they'd stopped appearing, and yesterday I saw a lone hind on the skyline in the early morning. Soon after, a young stag appeared and chased the hind back over the hill. No doubt he was keeping the others over there too, closer to the safety of the forest. With luck, they'll return when the roar's over.

[1/100 sec. at f4; ISO 200]

All content © 2016 Pete McGregor


Avus said...

Nice one, Pete. Was it a misty background or have you Photoshopped it to bring out the foreground?

pohanginapete said...

Avus, I've increased the contrast a little, but otherwise the photograph is very much as it appeared. The mist is most definitely real!