06 February 2015


In Christchurch recently I slept the last couple of nights on a mattress on the floor. After I rose in the morning, the cat usurped the bed.

WordWeb defines 'usurp' thus: 'Take control of (without authority and possibly with force); take as one's right or possession'.

No force was involved in this case, but everything else fits perfectly.

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Zhoen said...

Insinuation, perhaps. As cats do.

Elephant's Child said...

All too familiar.
Though our cats have been known to employ their pointy bits in a forceful way...

Relatively Retiring said...

You did well to keep the bed to yourself until morning.

pohanginapete said...

So true, Zhoen.

EC, I know what you mean. From experience.

RR, I wouldn't have minded. Really. In that weather, though, one of us would have overheated and would have had to abandon the bed.