09 October 2014

Ponies on the Annapurna trail

A typical scene along the trail to Annapurna Base Camp. Sadly, a jeep track has been bulldozed all the way to Landruk, the first day's destination, and although it's often impassable because of slips, the feeling of achievement of the first day's walk is now tempered by the knowledge that sometimes it's possible to drive all the way. How much further will the track be pushed? If ever Joni Mitchell's lyrics about paving paradise and putting up a parking lot were apt, they are here.

But ponies and porters are still essential for supplying the guest houses along the route, and I always enjoyed encountering these pony trains.

[If you haven't realised already, I only got as far as Landruk. You can read why, here.

Update: Part 2 of the account of the illness is now up on Pohanginapete.]

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