15 October 2014

Last days in Leh

I've spent the last several days continuing my recovery in Leh. It's quieter here now, with far fewer visitors; the days are cool, sometimes cold, the air crisp and clean. Autumn's well underway and the light and colours in the evenings are simply beautiful. 

Tomorrow I fly to Delhi; shortly after midnight I'll check in for my long journey back to New Zealand.

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Lesley said...

So pleased to find a post here from you, Pete, and to know you've been recovering in a place for which you clearly have a very deep feeling. This is the view, in the opposite direction, from your August 2nd photograph, isn't it? - and vice versa.

Best wishes for a journey home which is as easy on you as possible. Our thoughts are flying with you.


Zhoen said...

Safe journey.

pohanginapete said...

Lesley & Zhoen, thank you. The journey was very long and tiring, but I'm back safely in the Pohangina valley now, slowly recovering.