05 October 2014

Heading for Annapurna Base Camp

Well, I was intending to get into the Annapurna Sanctuary. Illness put paid to that, though, and I pulled the plug on the trek before getting too far in, where I'd have been in serious trouble. I managed to walk out without being carried and without having my pack carried, either.

More about the aftermath later on the other blog, but no need for alarm.

Update: The first part of the account of the illness is now up on Pohanginapete.

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Ruahines said...

Kia ora Pete,
What a view! Sorry to read of your illness, more glad to read you are on the mend and retired from strife safely. Just to see those giants must be amazing. Kia Kaha e hoa!

Zhoen said...

I was starting to worry, although it's not my place. Still. Much relieved that you are still here and able to send word.

Having a bit of knowledge does make the imagination of peril worse. Take care. Thinking about you.

Elephant's Child said...

Glad that you are sensible. Even more glad that you are safe.
Love that view.

pohanginapete said...

Kia ora Robb. The views were often more spectacular than this, but doing justice to them in a photograph can be difficult. Still bummed about not getting into the sanctuary.

Thanks Zhoen; much appreciated. Working on a post that will explain more, but, in short, I was lucky.

EC, thank you, and I'm glad I got to enjoy at least the first day of the trek!

Megan Stace-Davies said...

Been following and enjoying your blogs. Really sorry you've had to cut it all short - must be seriously disappointing for you. Now, the main thing is to take care of yourself and get well again. All good wishes. Megan

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Megan. Yes, I was frustrated to have to turn back, but it was the right decision, and everything offers not just its own lessons, but rewards as well. See you soon.