19 January 2014

Copper butterfly, No. 1 Line track, southern Ruahine range

On a fine day at this time of year, a walk up the No. 1 Line track will almost certainly result in meeting one of these delightful little butterflies. Apparently, the New Zealand coppers (Lycaena spp.) are being revised, so I won't attempt to name this one.

[18 January 2014, Olympus OM-D EM-1, 60 mm f2.8 Macro , ISO 400, 1/640 at f7.1]

All content © 2014 Pete McGregor


Elephant's Child said...

I have a huge soft spot for butterflies - and going to a butterfly farm is high on my wish list. Seeing them in their natural home is such a gift. Thank you.

Zhoen said...

A delight to the eye, whatever they call it.

pohanginapete said...

EC, New Zealand has very few butterfly species but some, like the admirals and the rare forest ringlet, are very beautiful.

Zhoen, definitely a delight.