02 November 2011

Uyuni street scene

A typical scene from Uyuni, which is geared up for running tours of the Salar (salt lake). Apparently, over 70 operators compete for the constant stream of tourists. We eventually settled on Quechua Connection, and with José as our guide, driver and cook, I can't imagine having a better tour. I was lucky, too, with my excellent companions from Italy and France.

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Relatively Retiring said...

What a choice you had, and it's good that people can carve a living out of such an inhospitable environment. So glad to see that it's all going so well.

pohanginapete said...

RR, I was lucky to have my Italian friends at the time, too. Left to myself, I'd probably still be trying to choose :^)

Going very well at the moment. I'm in Mendoza, in Argentina, and was about to take a deep breath and cross the Andes to fly from Santiago to El Calafate, but have just discovered the flights all go via Buenos Aires, so could potentially be disrupted by ash from the volcano — not something I want when I need to get back to Santiago to fly out to NZ. I might keep travelling by bus to Patagonia after all.