26 November 2011

Harpoon [Paine Grande ice]; Torres del Paine

On our way to the mirador beyond Campamento Britanico, we stopped to admire the light on Paine Grande's glaciers. For a few seconds, sunlight grazed the top of the glacier near Cumbre Norte (the north summit), and I managed a couple of quick photographs. Then the light vanished.

I'm now in Ushuaia, the furthest south I've ever been. In a few days I begin the long journey north again.

[Update: New post just published on Pohanginapete]

[20 November 2011, Panasonic Lumix GH1, 100–300 mm at 252 mm, ISO 100, 1/1600 at f8]

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Zhoen said...

Another sort of river.

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen, yes — rivers slowed to near-geological time. I find glaciers both scary and endlessly fascinating.

Leonie said...

Light really is magical isn't it.

pohanginapete said...

Transient, too, Leonie. Need to work fast sometimes.