20 March 2011

Silk spinner, near Bhuj

At the place where silk patolas were made, the grandfather still worked.

[9 February 2007, Canon 20D, 24–105 mm f4 L IS at 70 mm, ISO 800, 1/30 at f4]

All content © 2011 Pete McGregor


Zhoen said...

I love the grey of the wheel, and the sole of his foot, against the shine of the obviously immaculate floor.

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen, I've often wondered as much about the age of that wheel as his age.

The building was probably only a few years old, erected after the terrible earthquake in January 2001.

Paul said...

Looking at this fellow working with an ‘ancient’ spinning wheel in ‘modern’ times, I have to wonder about the value of work. Is his work any less valuable than, say, of an office worker in a modern city high rise complex using high tech tools (computer, FAX, etc)? Some may say this fellow‘s work is more valuable (probably the office worker!).

The photo has somewhat of a black and white feel to it that has been enhanced with watercolor paint.

pohanginapete said...

Paul, that sounds like a real can of worms to me! Good point, though. I guess value is necessarily subjective.

That's a nice way of putting it about the colours. I like subtlety, refinement, grace. Often it says, or conveys, much more than the insistence of vivid colour. (But check out the photo I've just posted).

leonie said...

Holy cow, that's an incredible photo. I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating here... your photographs evoke something in me that is impossible to name. I just sit, and stare at your images. Transfixed somehow and a piece of transported there, into it.

pohanginapete said...

That's a wonderful compliment, Leonie. Thank you. :^)