17 September 2010

Mountain weather: at the foot of the Otira Face of Rolleston

The day before Jono and I climbed the Otira Face of Mt Rolleston we'd walked to its foot, hoping the weather might clear and allow an ascent. It didn't, but the following day proved perfect and we climbed the face in perfect conditions.

[5 February 2006; Canon 20D, 10–22 mm f4 at 10 mm, ISO 400, 1/250 at f8] 

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


Barbara said...

Y'know, I grew up in a city, and I love cities - I do - but there are times when I really long for a chance to get out and spend my time in something clean and straightforward with Mother Nature. Her rules are pretty simple, no? Nothing Machiavellian about Her. Her theatre is supported by millennia of substance. Great photo ... reminds me of a Kurosawa landscape.

Patricia said...

It looks as though you were climbing the clouds themselves.

Zhoen said...

They've taken the rest of the world away.

pohanginapete said...

Barbara, thank you. Her rules are simple, but unforgiving.

Patricia, I've often looked at massive cloud formations and thought how wonderful it would be to be able to climb among them. Birds don't know how lucky they are.

Zhoen, that's sometimes how it feels. Too much visibility can leave too little to the imagination.