13 September 2010

Boehm's bee eater, Liwonde NP, Malawi

At Chinguni Hills In Liwonde National Park, Jo, Parry and I took a walk on foot with a guide early one morning. These brilliantly coloured little birds (Merops boehmi) were one of the highlights for me.

[31 May 2007, Canon 20D, 300 mm f4 L IS, ISO 200, 1/400 at f5.6]

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


Aputsiaq said...

Wow, what aa amazing photo...and what a beautiful bird! Wonderful!

Relatively Retiring said...

Beautiful photograph, and my first thought was, 'What an amazingly efficient design'. He/she? looks as sleek and fit for purpose as the beautiful old supersonic Concord.
What a contrast with your previous photo.

Zhoen said...

That bird is all business.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Aputsiaq :^)

RR, very different indeed from the tailor bird — both supremely adapted for their ways of life.

Zhoen, I wouldn't like to be a bee near this bird.