31 May 2010

Jackson on Love Bite at Baring Head, 2004

Near the crux

At the Baring Head Rock Hop (the National Bouldering Series event) in 2004 I was still using film, supplementing it with digital photos from my little Pentax Optio 555. This is a scan from a transparency — Jackson Green on a successful send (i.e. ascent) of the classic Love Bite (V6).

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


Anne-Marie said...

Even before I read your note that this was not a digital photo, I thought it had a different quality to your usual. I love the colour - particularly the way the climber's shorts match the colour of the rock. And look at those fingers working hard. Ouch!

You have some great climbing photos. I wonder what you could do with swimming photos?

leonie.wise said...

WOW! great shot Pete

Barbara said...

Soo fine on sooo many levels. Again, your technical skill is beyond impressive; so cool to know this was shot 'old school.'

Emma said...

Oh look! A photographic representation OF MY LIFE! ;)
Beautiful shot, Pete.

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Marie, swimming photos would be much harder, if only because water's much less varied than rock. And, it doesn't mix well with cameras.

Thanks Leonie :^)

Barbara, I was lucky with the light that day. It's often bright sunlight and very difficult for photography. But thanks!

Emma: plenty of metaphors in climbing ;^) Thanks.