10 April 2010

Paragliders over Taylor's Mistake

In January this year, when I was in the South Island, we walked along the clifftops at Whitewash Head (Christchurch) and later drove out to Godley Head (in the distance in the photo). From the road we watched paragliders sailing over the coast; the sense of height and freedom even as an onlooker was simultaneously giddying and exhilarating.

[18 January 2010; Canon 20D, 24–105 mm f4 L at 47 mm, ISO 200, 1/320 at f11]

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


Relatively Retiring said...

Oh dear! Dare one ask about Taylor's Mistake?
It's good to have this view from above the parachutes.

Paul said...

So, what happens to these guys? Do they end up landing on terra firma (presumably), or do they end up in the ocean some times?

pohanginapete said...

RR, I think the name arises from something embarrassing rather than disastrous. Apparently a captain (presumably Taylor) mistook this bay for the entrance to Lyttelton harbour.

Paul, they were taking off and landing from the hills close to where I photographed them. They seemed very manoeuvrable and seldom ventured far out over the sea. Conditions were near perfect, with very little wind, so I imagine the risk of ending up off course was low.