16 April 2010

Jungle babbler at Kileswar


I loved these crazy-eyed birds. When I return to India, meeting them again will be like meeting old friends. [The Latin binomial is Turdoides striata (often cited as “T. striatus” — I’ve used the name listed in Gill & Donsker (2010))].

Gill, F., & Donsker, D. (Eds.). (2010). IOC World Bird Names (version 2.4). Retrieved 16 April 2010, from http://worldbirdnames.org/n-warblers.html

[18 February 2007; Canon 20D, 300 mm f4 L, ISO 400, 1/125 at f4.0]

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


Relatively Retiring said...

What an amazing photograph - at every level. I love the soft colours and the light. As for the pose of the bird....well, words fail me (for once).

Barbara said...

Add my voice to Relatively Retiring's! This is unbelievable!

pohanginapete said...

RR and Barbara, thank you both. I think you'd love these birds too :^)

Lesley said...

I keep coming back to look at this. I want to stroke those breast feathers, and I love just the glimpse of eye and the slight movement in the beak. It must have taken a lot of patience on your part.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Lesley :^) Actually, it didn't take great patience — they were common and relatively unafraid. The hardest part was dealing with the difficult light — sometimes I had to resort to fill flash to avoid blown-out backgrounds. For this shot, I was lucky.