19 November 2008

Villager, north-eastern Gujarat

My friends had asked if we could photograph her. She nodded when Parbat translated the request, and as she studied the cameras pointing at her, I photographed from the side. That evening I managed to get many of the day's photos printed, and Parbat distributed them the following day. I like the thought of my photos remaining there.

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Relatively Retiring said...

How lovely that at least some of your portraits can be given back to their subjects, and that some element of you remains there with them.

Why is the verb 'to take' invariably associated with photography?

pohanginapete said...

RR, that's exactly it—a perceptive comment. I try to avoid saying I "take" photos (although I occasionally slip up; it's amazing how strongly the idea's entrenched). I much prefer saying, "I photograph", or "May I photograph you?" I'm sure the nuance is lost on most people, but maybe it gets through subconsciously.

Michael said...

I like that thought too.