05 November 2008

Rain in the valley

Rain, Pohangina Valley
Rain coming down the Pohangina Valley. Looking northeast; the southern Ruahine Range in the background; river flats on the true right of the Pohangina in the foreground (true right means the right hand bank looking downstream).

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Emma said...

Oh dear, I simply must see this in color. Have you a color version? Please say yes.

pohanginapete said...

Emma, I worked this one up in black and white; the original file is RGB but the colours aren't particularly attractive (well, not to my eye). I might come back to it some time and see whether I've changed my mind, or whether I can get the colour balance right, but I think it needs to be left alone for a while. If I do manage to produce a satisfactory colour version, I'll let you know. :^)