08 November 2008

Habitat, Pohangina gorge

Cliff and pool, Pohangina gorge

Things live here. Some live in the water (when it's clear like this you can look through a couple of metres of water to watch shadows wavering over the stoney bed, or the drift of a trout); some live in the crevices in the rock; some live in the imagination. Look carefully.

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Michael said...

I see the faces of our ancestors gazing at me from the past.

This shows how important captions and titles are. I might not have looked so carefully otherwise.

pohanginapete said...

Michael, that first sentence couldn't be better.

I have a great deal of difficulty with captions and titles. Occasionally they're important — even crucial — but too often they do nothing or, worse, they detract from the photo. My intuition says, in most cases the photo is best left to say what needs to be said. My intention here was gentle encouragement, not explanation, and you've understood that perfectly.

Anne-Marie said...

I'm glad you finally posted this one, Pete. It makes me think of Lord Of The Rings - the entrance to the mines of Moria. Perhaps there's an elvish door in there some where, if only we had Gandalf with us to find it. And look at all those heads of dead orcs to the right ...

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Marie, it does have that look about it, doesn't it? You won't get me in there, though, elvish door or not. I'll be underground soon enough and have no desire to hasten it.
I find this photo growing on me, which is intriguing because (as you know)I was pretty equivocal about it.