01 January 2009

Snapshot: kitchen, life

Kitchen notes
My handwriting's generally neater than this — it looks less (much less, I trust) like something left by a drunk fowl with inky feet. It seems to be legible, though. Anyway, I needed to check the time stamp on the camera, so I just pointed it at hip level and fired off a shot so I could compare the time in the EXIF data with the actual time. This is what I got (excluding the notes, of course). I kind of liked it — everything slightly but significantly blurred; off level; a kind of dreamy softness and casualness. "Why not?" I thought, trusting my regular viewers' sense of silliness.

All content © 2008 Pete McGregor


Emma said...

Love it.

Relatively Retiring said...

Good to see a bit more of your personal habitat - inside and out.
You have a table-cloth.....?

Zhoen said...

"Too blurry, needs citation..."

pohanginapete said...

Thanks all :^) And RR, yes, the table cloth, messy as it often gets, covers a very scruffy (but functional) table.

Michael said...

This is great. Like the start of a short story where the protagonist is characterized via his possessions.

Beer in cartons?! Amazing invention.

What's the Sven book about? I've seen Bergman through his eyes in film many times.

Relatively Retiring said...

Yes, Michael.....'Moomintroll awoke and found that he couldn't get back to sleep. He rose and padded out into the kitchen. Then he stopped in the warm darkness beside the streak of moonlight. He was terribly lonely. The moonlight fell across the table.
"Oh no," he gasped, as realisation hit him. "Oh no! Snufkin has gone again - and he's forgotten his personal locater beacon...!'
From Moomintroll's Antipodean New Year.

pohanginapete said...

Michael, sorry to disappoint you, but the beer's in bottles in the carton. We do have wine in cardboard casks, though, but I wouldn't recommend it. The Lindqvist book is about European imperialism and racism in Africa. It takes its title from Kurtz's comment in Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Sven Lindqvist ranks among my favourite writers — Desert Divers contains, in my opinion, some of the most outstanding passages ever written.

RR, wonderful :^) I always thought Snufkin carried only his tent, mouth organ, pipe, and frying pan, but now I know better. But, perhaps he finally realised that PLBs and true solitude are mutually exclusive.