03 January 2017

The White Rann, Kuchchh, Gujarat

The White Rann (Desert) is one of Kuchchh's most famous tourist destinations. When I was there on New Year's Day, it was far from deserted. Among the thousands of others, I saw no obvious foreigners other than Kenji, with whom I'd split the cost of the day tour. I'd thought the experience would be appalling, but I have to admit I enjoyed being with so many people having such a good time. I lost count of the number of times I was asked if I'd share a selfie, but I was probably included in more photographs than I made.

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Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Oh! I gasped in delight when I saw this! Gorgeous, just gorgeous. India came to mind yesterday and I wondered how your New Year was. I guess this answers that;) On another note, pardon the pun, I read of Modi's crusade against "black money ". Sigh.

gz said...

the feeling of endless space...even when peopled

Zhoen said...

Salt flat? That's familiar.

Sometimes, it's good to be around a lot of people.

pohanginapete said...

Barbara, yes, I had a good New Year. Modi's surprise action caused chaos and seemed poorly thought through, but he's still hugely popular. He seems to be able to do no wrong, and his face appears everywhere -- he certainly knows how to market himself.

gz, in several directions the desert was covered with hundreds of people, but in another, it was completely empty. The surface wasn't suitable for walking, and I got the impression the desert knew how to look after itself.

Zhoen, that's true, but I'll enjoy being completely on my own in the Ruahine when I return to New Zealand.