22 July 2016

Korimako in tree lucerne, Pohangina Valley

Korimako (NZ bellbird) can be frustratingly difficult to photograph. They move fast and often, and around here they're usually flitting about within dense foliage. To make matters worse, a bright background sky frequently creates an impossible range of contrast.

This female (instantly recognisable by the white stripe at the corner of her mouth) certainly didn't make it easy, but, of the three photographs I managed, this one turned out acceptable.

[1/1600 at f4, ISO 250]

All content © 2016 Pete McGregor


Avus said...

I'd say you got a very good shot under very difficult conditions, Pete.

Zhoen said...

But, but, but... your birds are so alive, full of movement and spark. I'll take life over a 'perfect' image any day. She's lovely, intent, full of personality and verve.

Zhoen said...

When the bird butt photo shows up on my random desktops, it always makes me smile.

pohanginapete said...

Avus, thanks! Patience and persistence do pay off :)

Thank you, Zhoen :-) Perfection's often boring anyway (that's my view, and I'm sticking to it).