20 December 2015

Hover fly on Wahlenbergia, No. 1 Line track

On the No. 1 Line track this afternoon I'd stopped to photograph a sun orchid but its flowers remained closed despite occasional periods of sun. Who'd have thought flowers can get grumpy? But a few tiny Wahlenbergia flowers remained resolutely open, and I'd noticed this hover fly (Melangyna novaezelandiae) making repeated visits to this flower, so I waited until I was rewarded with this photograph.

The official common name for M. novaezelandiae is 'Large hover fly'. 'Large', needless to say, is something of an overstatement (I guess it's just to distinguish it from the 'Small hover fly', Melanostoma fasciatum).

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Lisa Emerson said...

Oh wow - so beautiful (fly and flower both)! What is the fly doing? Do they collect nectar?

pohanginapete said...

Lisa, it's more probably feeding on pollen. Adults of this species eat pollen from a large range of flowers

Avus said...

It was worth the wait, Pete and it proves that 90% of good photography is patience and noticing,which leaves just 10% for equipment and technique.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

I am quite jealous of that fly. First off, that is quite the eye on the fly ;). Secondly, I wouldn't mind being blue like the Wahlenbergia - and having such a cool name. Your eye, Pete, your patience, and your skill are wonderful. Thanks!

Zhoen said...

Such intense color, and shine. Very appealing image.

pohanginapete said...

Avus, I agree (and thank you), but good equipment certainly helps. I'd have struggled without an excellent macro lens.

Barbara, thank you — and that's an impressive eye, isn't it?! Mind you, it's ho-hum compared to the eyes of pipunculid flies like this one. ;-)

Zhoen, I do like the colours in this photograph.