08 December 2015

December evening, Pohangina Valley

Sometimes at dusk the light takes on a peculiar subtlety that greatly appeals to me. A couple of evenings ago I stood at the edge of the terrace and looked up the valley and thought how lucky I am to live here. The light had almost gone (it was much darker than it looks here), but I photographed anyway, with the ISO dialled way up and the aperture wide.

All content © 2015 Pete McGregor


Avus said...

Even in those light conditions you got a terrific image, Pete. With that wide aperture depth of field will have forced you to choose between the tree in the foreground and the view behind and the result shows that you chose well.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Beautiful painterly composition of a 'mythic ' landscape. The tree in the foreground feels like an anchor, maybe an axis, in all the vastness. Again, beautiful. ;)

Zhoen said...


Thanks for the invite, a lovely visit this is.

pohanginapete said...

Avus, yes, that was a deliberate choice, and even if the shallow DoF hadn't been forced on me, I still would have chosen it.

Barbara, thank you — that's exactly what I felt.

Zhoen, you're welcome here, always.

Lisa Emerson said...

I love the way you have captured texture in this photograph - the roughness of the tree trunk, the softness of trees and clouds and hills. Lovely!

pohanginapete said...

Thank you, Lisa :-)