04 August 2015

Back in the tagasaste — tui again

This particular tagasaste ('tree lucerne') attracts tui, korimako, kereru, tauhou, and a goodly number of bumblebees. A couple of days ago I watched two tui feeding in one area of the tree while a beautiful male korimako (bellbird) fed avidly in another area. The larger tui chase off the smaller korimako, but on this occasion the bellbird managed a good session.

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Lisa Emerson said...

Well, if the kereru is landed gentry, this individual looks like....a robber baron. You've caught an unusual attitude,but the colours are so vivid (a tui always looks black to me)- and this is an image that perfectly captures early spring.

pohanginapete said...

'Robber baron' — that's perfect! Thanks Lisa :-)

Zhoen said...

Or a Ghillie on the watch.

pohanginapete said...

Yes, that fits well too, Zhoen.