08 August 2015

Autumn, Pohangina Valley

Hard to believe this was the valley just over three months ago. Now, those bright poplar leaves have vanished and the drenched and sodden land lacks all trace of colours other than drab, drear greys, ill greens, and the sad browns and diseased yellows of decay. On the southern Ruahine tops, not far from here, fresh snow will no doubt still be falling. Just when winter seemed to be starting to relax, it's back.

This looks south down the valley. The hills in the distance are the last of the northern Tararua Range; they too will be deep in snow.

All content © 2015 Pete McGregor


Lisa Emerson said...

I went for a walk along the river a few days ago and the scene was anything but grey and decaying: the willows fringing the riverbanks were hazed in the soft apricot that signals swelling leaf buds - a harbinger of the green to come very soon. It may still be winter in the valley, and more snow in the mountains has probably fallen by now, but spring IS on its way!

pohanginapete said...

Lisa, when I wrote that, the sun was well hidden. This afternoon I walked down the road to Tokeawa Stream in quite different conditions — bitterly cold but the sun broke through at times — and I noticed how even a little direct sunlight can make a huge difference in the way the land looks. Still not a lot of colour, but that promise of spring was evident. Yesterday, driving to work, I passed one particular gnarly old willow, and I could make out a distinct greening. The lift that gave me is indescribable.