20 June 2015

Evening detail, Pohangina Valley

The lower North Island's being flooded right now. I'm O.K. up here on the terrace, even though the ground's completely waterlogged and some large areas of ponding have developed. If this rain keeps up, the already massively swollen Pohangina River will probably flood the river flats and there's a slight chance the road might close. That won't affect me, because I can hunker down, stay put, read, write, brew tea, and not go anywhere. Others won't be so lucky.

But a few days ago we had a brief spell of brilliant weather, and an evening like this.

[If you're interested, I have a new post over on Pohanginapete: The No. 1 Line hare.]

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Elephant's Child said...

What a magical moment you captured.
Stay safe, stay dry.

Zhoen said...

Looks like stained, frosted glass. Very Japanese, or maybe Chinese.

Lisa Emerson said...

Like a painting - such extraordinary light! I agree, Zhoen - this image has a Chinese feel to it. (ps I hope you've stayed warm and dry during this challenging weekend, Pete.)

pohanginapete said...

EC, I did stay safe and dry — and now I'm trying to stay warm. I guess it's winter, though, and tomorrow the days start lengthening! ;-)

Zhoen, I hadn't noticed that, but you're right — it does have a Chinese (slightly more so than Japanese, I think) feel to it. I like the idea.

Lisa, I'm quite pleased with this one. I knew what I wanted, and this comes close. (Have resorted to the heater after the temperature refused to rise above 10°C inside the house today.)

Relatively Retiring said...

Interesting how this triggers thoughts of other materials, other places. To me it evokes the best Worcester porcelain, with that semi- translucent effect and colour. Some of the best Worcester painters created a similar effect with delicate foliage on 'blush ivory'ground.

Relatively Retiring said...

P.S. Hope you're dry and at least a bit warmer, and that you have plenty of tea in your store cupboard.
Yes, we've tipped again, and you can look forward to light and warmth while I check the woodpile and candles.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Oh, dear. If you'll pardon my riff on the 'flood' imagery, my mind is overflowing with thoughts and delight just seeing this. It looks like lighting for an ethereal play of some sort. Too, one of the things I've always enjoyed about your blog is the sense I get of your resilience, your patience. Thanks loads.

pohanginapete said...

RR, I can imagine this on porcelain — a cup like that would be wonderful for drinking good tea, although I expect those kinds of cups would have handles (I now prefer handle-less cups for tea drinking). I'd like to say I am indeed warm, but we're heading for the coldest night of the year at the moment — I'm guessing the paddock will be frozen solid by morning.

Barbara, thank you. The resilience and patience has taken a long time to learn, and I'm not there yet; I think I'm getting better at both, though ;-)