01 June 2015

End of a rifleman

On the No. 1 Line track early this afternoon I met the family of Titipounamu who, my records are beginning to disclose, seem to frequent this particular section of the track. They seemed particularly vocal and foraged energetically, never staying still for more than a second (as far as I could tell, that's literally less than a second, and I mean that in the literal sense, not the figurative sense of 'literal' that seems increasingly popular. Grump.)

I managed several photographs that leave the identification indisputable, but, of the others, I particularly like this one.

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gz said...

gripping like mad and practicing for lift off? Lovely shot

Zhoen said...

Literal butt.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks gz :-) Perching birds have a tendon arranged in such a way that when the leg's bent, the toes curl to grip the branch. They can't actually let go until they straighten their legs, and I seem to have photographed this just before that moment.

Zhoen — ha! Nice :-)