17 January 2012

Dawn in the fjords of Chile [II]

As the dawn grew brighter we passed by mountains reminiscent of the Torres del Paine. I wanted to stop and explore, and wondered who might have been lucky enough to have done that. The possibilities seemed endless.

[6 December 2011, Panasonic Lumix GH1, 14–45 mm at 29 mm, ISO 100, 1/50 at f11]

All content © 2012 Pete McGregor


The Elephant's Child said...

That dawn illuminating snow capped peaks is spectacular. Thanks.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Stunning perspective, Pete. The immensity of sky and mountain and fjord, as Elephant's Child said, is spectacular. I say 'thanks,' too ;0

Zhoen said...


pohanginapete said...

Elephant's Child, Barbara, Zhoen — thank you.