26 May 2011

Canoe, Rapti river, Chitwan NP

The Rapti river marks a boundary of Chitwan National Park in Nepal's lowlands. In the early morning, dugout canoes drift slowly downstream from Sauraha to a point where their occupants can walk back along a trail through the park itself. With luck, one might even encounter a rhino.

My canoe was less crowded — a guide, the boatman and me. Lucky again.

[22 March 2007, Canon 20D, 300 mm f4 L IS, ISO 200, 1/2000 at f5.6]

All content © 2011 Pete McGregor


Relatively Retiring said...

Wonderfully atmospheric - I can feel the concentration in that mist, which somehow intensifies it. It wouldn't be the same in sunshine.
(Note the Tilley hats!)

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

I'm at a loss for words. I am intrigued. I 'feel' the movement but my eyes see everything and everyone frozen. Ah, suspended animation, that's what it is ;0 This is lovely to contemplate.

pohanginapete said...

RR, I only recognised the Tilley hats when I processed this photo. I just thought they were hats before then ;^)

Barbara, that's very much how it was — everything so still, yet in motion. I'm glad the photo evoked that for you :^)