29 November 2010

Pepper tree and Clematis

Near the top of the No. 1 Line track, not far from where I live, the native Clematis is nearing the end of its flowering. One might be forgiven for thinking this was the flower of the pepper tree (Pseudowintera colorata) in which the Clematis vine is entwined, but they're completely separate plants (other than the support provided by the pepper tree, of course).

Those two tiny specks just above the centre of the flower are small flies (on the full size photo they're clearly discernible), perhaps feeding on the pollen.

[24 November 2010, Canon 20D, 300 mm f4 L IS, ISO 400, 1/800 at f5.6]

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Clare said...


pohanginapete said...

Thanks Clare. I guess sights like this must seem very remote where you are now, but the compensations are another form of gorgeousness.