25 October 2010

Evening from the verandah

You've seen the view East and West; now, here it is looking roughly South from the end of the verandah, on the same evening.

[20 October 2010, Canon 20D, 24–105 mm f4 L at 105 mm, ISO 400, 1/50 at f11]

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


robin andrea said...

What I love about looking out your windows and doors is how much it looks like looking out mine. There's an amazing comfort in seeing that familiar color of sky. Ah, earth, how nice it is to see you from places I will never stand.

Barbara said...

The view from my windows and doors is much, much different - trees, trees, and more trees - but your view IS stunning, Pete. It is a soaring vastness and you've captured it quite well with these photos. I like the expanse of sky swirling above the swath of land, with those tufted trees toeing (sp?) the line ;0

pohanginapete said...

Robin and Barbara, thanks for your views on my views, and the insight into your own views ;^)