09 October 2010

Dawn in the jungle, Ghana

Toni, Ana and I negotiated an early start on the treetops walk in Kakum National Park, Ghana. We watched monkeys bounding through the canopy below us, saw hornbills flying like things weird and prehistoric, and felt the sun rise over the steaming forest. I braced myself apprehensively against the trunk of the tree and hoped the two second exposure would be short enough to avoid being attacked by ants.

[22 April 2007, Canon 20D, 24–105 mm f4 L at 24 mm, ISO 400, 2s at f13] 

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


Paul said...

I would love to do that -- the ultimate boardwalk!

Zhoen said...

I'd love that bridge as well. The many bugs, not so much. Had enough Texas fire ants to last me a lifetime.

Barbara said...

Stunning view and photo. Ditto Zhoen's comment about fire ants - perfect demonstration of the powerful effect of 'small things!'

pohanginapete said...

Paul, I can definitely recommend it — a wonderful time.

Zhoen, you'd have loved it, and the bugs actually weren't bad. Just had to be careful about leaning up against things. I don't envy your encounter with fire ants, though.

Barbara, thanks, and that's a good thought. Reminds me of the quotation from some famous person (I forget who it was) that anyone who denied the significance of small things had clearly never been woken by a mosquito. (Something like that — and very true.)

leonie wise said...

Thanks for sharing your story about the moment here Pete. The image has more meaning because I what I can also imagine happening behind the lens! What a beautiful place.