09 June 2010

Office equipment

The supervisor
All offices should have one of these.

I looked after a house for friends in April last year. The office was a delight — so was the management.

[1 April 2009; Canon 20D, 24–105 mm f4 L at 24 mm, ISO 400, 1/80 at f5.6]

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


Zhoen said...

Cats are the perfect bosses. They do their thing, and you do yours. Sometimes they get in the way, just like any boss, but they're cute and furry while they interfere, and then they fall asleep.

robin andrea said...

The kitty cat mantra: Turn your gaze from all those words on the page and look at me. There is nothing more important.

Anne-Marie said...

Hello Tui! I bet she couldn't get away with anything while you were performing your duties as acting chief of staff. We all know about your heart of stone when it comes to cats *cough*

Nice photo. That looks like an office I'd be happy to settle into.

Paul said...

Great composition. This shot really captures the mood, temperature of the room, the scent and feel of the cat’s fur, the pads of it’s feet on the ‘pad‘ of paper, and the juxtaposition of the notion of ‘curious cats’ and the curiosity of wondering what was written in the notebook.

By-the-way, I just received a gift of a fantastic "Webbies" (Webnotebooks) A5 orange Rhodia notebook. http://www.rhodiapads.com/ The soft imitation leather feel of the cover, thickness and quality of paper, etc, quite frankly I feel outdoes Moleskine products (although I just wish the small Rhodia logo wasn’t at the bottom of every page). I admire your discipline to write every day.

pohanginapete said...

Beautifully put, Zhoen. Love that last statement: ...they're cute and furry while they interfere, and then they fall asleep.

Robin, yep, that's cats ;^)

Anne-Marie, you should know by now that I am impervious to the charms of cats ;^P

Paul — I'm envious! I've heard good things about Rhodia. Moleskine paper can be a little variable and it's more absorbent than many other papers (one reason I use Noodler's x-feather ink), with a tendency to show through on the reverse side with some inks. A little competition for Moleskine can't be bad. Thanks too for the insights into the photo — it's good to hear what other people see.

leonie wise said...

oh yes. all offices need cats. the one we had in wellington used to try and sit on my lap when i was working, but he was so fat that i couldn't reach the desk! i ended up putting his sheepie (the sheepskin rug off the floor) on to the desk beside me so he could curl up and snooze whilst i was working :)

love those sheep on the windowsill too!

pohanginapete said...

Leonie, I'm surprised he settled on the sheepie. Most cats seem to choose to settle on the most inconvenient place (for their staff) — curled on a lap, or sitting directly on the item you're trying to read :^)

Anne-Marie said...

Paul - I am a Moleskine devotee but am quite willing to consider other possibilities. I checked out the Rhodia website and also looked at them on my favourite stationery website. They look nice but ... Well, the equivalent Rhodia to my favourite Moleskine has fewer pages and is more expensive! The line spacing doesn't look quite right for me, either.

I am fussy about line spacing but I'm actually not fussy about ink feathering. It just doesn't matter to me, so I'll stick with my Moleskine for now.

Thanks for the link any way; any excuse to perve - I mean, admire - stationery. Hope you enjoy your new notebook!