18 February 2010

Where old tractors go [Flounder Bay]

Rust in peace, old guys

Just a couple of the old tractors and similar machinery that make Flounder Bay such a fascinating place.
The horses get ridden; they’re not just for looking pretty. Maybe one day, when all tractors (and cars) will be as functional as these, we’ll be thankful we still have horses.

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AJB said...

That's a cool picture. I especially like the roll-cage on the 2nd tractor (not to mention the crank handle on the front Fordson). With the background of bush (including the Cordylines), it's just GOOD. I could go on about that juxtaposition of the horses but I wont, except I kinda just did. :)

pohanginapete said...

Cool! Thanks Andrew — I'm chuffed :^)