15 February 2010

Beached tree; the Cove of Giants

Click on the photo to see a different view, from May last year.

I visited the Cove of Giants on the last evening of our stay at Flounder Bay. The great tree still lay at the waterline, bleached whiter, buried a little deeper in the sand, missing a few more branches.

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Anne-Marie said...

What an eerie photo. It reminds me of some dead giant, like the skeleton of a beached whale.

That tree will probably stay there until it rots into the sea.

Lesley said...

Good to have you back again, Pete.

I see you've made a successful photograph of the beached pine on this visit. Perhaps the sand will eventually bury it.

I like all the oblique lines.

Zhoen said...

Giant's toothpick?

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Marie, cool! If it's eerie then I've succeeded in evoking the feel of the place. And I wouldn't be surprised if the tree petrifies (in the literal sense) rather than rots. It seems like a survivor.

Thanks Lesley. Yes, the lines on the sand fascinated me, but I found them difficult to photograph satisfactorily. I do like this photo, but I'm not sure it really conveys the massiveness of the tree, and its sheer solidity. Maybe I'll have to be satisfied with showing different aspects of its character in a series of photos?

Zhoen — but what would it be picking out of its teeth? Photographers? eek!