29 July 2009

Cape buffalo, Kruger NP

BuffaloIn Kruger National Park we saw few buffalo and most were difficult to photograph, being distant and having the low sun behind them. This, I think, is one of the better photos; it conveys something of the feeling of belligerence and curiosity underlying that confrontational look. Check out those flies, too — apparently characteristic of Cape buffalo, I was told later in Zambia.
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Anne-Marie said...

What a gorgeous beastie. This photo is just crying out for a caption. "What you looking at?" springs to mind. I'm sure I saw that very same facial expression on the herd of bulls I had to [carefully] drive through in the valley yesterday morning :-)

thige said...

bonjour, j'ai visité vos images et votre blog avec plaisir, même au granit vous donnez du souffle, votre oeil est un pinceau, (pardonnez moi, de ne pas écrire en anglais) merci

Zhoen said...

"We are not amused."

Regal bearing, with fly entourage.

Barbara said...

Yeah, but I'm sure it has a g-r-e-a-t personality:) I am really impressed that you were able to capture so many hangers-on!

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Marie, you were lucky you didn't have to drive through a herd of Cape buffalo in that little car ;^P

Merci Thige. Votre commentaire (qu'une amie à traduit, ainsi que ma réponse) m'honore. Si je réussis à insuffler la vie à une photo, j'ai l'impression d'avoir atteint mon but. Merci!

Zhoen, yes — or flies as groupies, perhaps?

Barbara, yeah, right ;^) Actually, I have another photo where the animal's horns are nearly coated with flies. Clearly, there's no shortage.